Daily Call Report

Sales reporting of the field sales activities are very integral part of any organization, to facilitate that Sales Maestroz offers two robust platform for DCR submission i.e.

a.Web Reporting: Web reporting is a very easy to use interface for sales team for smart and organized reporting. Sales Maestroz login page can be assessed through browser on mobile/desktop/laptop. This form of reporting allows team to report arrear DCRs also (Example: Weekly DCR). This gap in DCR reporting is controlled by SFA admin

b.Mobile APP Reporting: Android based Mobile application allows real time sales reporting even in no network area. It needs to be downloaded in one’s mobile handset as a one-time activity and works with Company provided credentials. Mobile Application allows the team to report only current day’s DCR. Mobile application does the auto calculation of field expense like Conveyance, Travelling Expenses, Daily Allowance and has provision to capture out of pocket expenses also.

Sales Maestroz User interface is very simple, friendly and workflow driven. It allows all sales activities through one application. All field sales activities are captured with GPS stamp (Day & time stamp, GPS Location Log. If Geo Tagging or Geo fencing is activated, the sales team has to physically visit the clients as one cannot report the event even 20 meters away from the spot.

Client Visit:

◉ E-Detailing

◉ Gift & Sample distribution

◉ Activity Reporting

◉ Capture RX & POB

Retailer / Stockist Visit:

◉ Order booking & Payment Updation

◉ Capture floor stock and Distribution Details

◉ Dispatch details Market return or any other claim

MIS / Reports:

◉ Access to all relevant client data

◉ Access to Sales Activity reports

◉ Target vs Achievement reports