Expense Management

Our dynamic expense management solution helps organizations manage their field expenses on the basis of daily activity. It even allows them to submit variable expenses through mobile app and web portal. To channelize expense practice either use one designation one expense formula or common entitlements across hierarchy.

Hierarchy approval based module efficiently manages expense of all the Doctor related sales activities, Daily Allowance, Boarding & Lodging. Conveyance and travel related expenses are auto calculated with the help of GPS coordinates. It has additional provisioning for out of pocket expenses.

Expense management can be categorized into fixed & variables headers. Auto capturing and calculation of expenses based on factors configured in expense masters. The Expense factors are configured as an one-time activity, once you set the rules it’s ready to go. Monthly fixed expense factors like Courier charges, phone charges can be assigned. Employees have real time visibility into expense report of self, team. Across hierarchy one can see Claimed/ Approved/Rejected expense Statement in a Single page