Geo Tagging / Geo Fencing

How do you know that your MR are doing a good job and they are on their regular visits to clients? In today’s competitive world, all sales organizations have a major concern of fake or bogus field activitiy reporting.

Our advance GPS and network based tracking system addresses this major concern in quantifiable way. In short term to long term it has shown to reduce bogus reporting to miniscule percentage. It has three step functioning:

Geo Tagging is one time activity normally done at the time of account creation, it is simply done either by uploading legacy GPS data or by tagging GPS stamp to the concerned address. Once done it cannot be changed by sales team except by SFA admin. GPS stamp can be verified for its authenticity any time by.

Geo fencing stops all false or bogus Sales reporting attempt as it will not allow to report unless the sale steam member is in 20 - 50 meters perimeter of Doctor/ Retailer/ Stockist. The geo fencing distance can be customized as per organization’s requirement.

Location Tracking helps real time visibility into day to day sales activity and staff locations. It helps authenticate field visits by individual MRs. Route map report helps the sales team in beat route planning to increase efficiency.

Location tracking also plays a major role in expense management. Some reports headers:

◉ Reporting Location : Employee reporting and activity location is tracked

◉ Distance Travel : Calculate distance travelled with the help of GPS coordinates

◉ Tour Deviation Lock : Force to follow submitted tour.

◉ Route Management : Route wise activity planning & tracker