Order booking

Every pharma company has different strategy for order booking, some opt for soft booking which is order estimation and other of confirmed order. Medical representative armed with real time data on stock & delivery schedules, place orders using a smart phone in online/offline mode through with the help of very simple and workflow driven order form.

Sales Maestroz has the telephonic order booking option also in addition to other two order booking options. Telephonic order can be done outside the normal working hours. The orders can be mapped to stockists or company depot for servicing as per the organization’s requirement. The order booking dump is generated on daily basis apart of host of reports & MIS, accessible to whole organizational hierarchy on a real time basis.

Accurate stock information about each SKU in real time helps Medical representative to make better sales pitch. Sales history helps in profiling the Point of sales for intuitive repeat order and shorter turnaround time. Order booking during field sales order booking carry a GPS stamp (Date & Time) confirming the sales activity.

There are very useful tabs which help the sales person with informed order booking, namely:

◉ Pre call analysis: It provides an insight into last six interactions with the concerned Doctor / Chemist / Stockist which helps in estimation of order size and preference

◉ Targeted Item: It is a tool to focus on targeted item at the time of order booking

◉ Mandatory Item: This option covers mandatory items to be considered for order booking

◉ Free Item: It helps capture Sales Campaign & schemes at the time of order booking

◉ Billing Series: There might be different rates for different category of Doctors / Chemists / Stockist and it is marked as billing series starting from A – Z

◉ Payment Updation: There is a provision of capturing payment description in details at the time of order booking