Target Vs Achievement (KRA/KPI/Target)

The process of goal setting begins with clarity on the company's vision, mission and business objectives. This lays the foundation to identify KRAs (Key Result Areas) / KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for the sales team, the areas that are important for the company to focus on, and generate outcomes. All sales organizations link target to business performance rather revenue generated by individual sales asset or unit.

Target Setting can be set against any of the available tracking metrics be it HQ wise / Month wise / Brand wise or Product wise or time spent at points of sale/adherence to sales plan or Compare achievements against target to measure efficiency and productivity.

Target setting can have following factors

◉ Yearly, Half-Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly Target

◉ Mandatory Item: This option covers mandatory items to be considered for order booking

◉ Employee Wise, Team Wise, State Wise and Company Wise

◉ Product Wise and Group Wise

Sales Maestroz powerful productivity indices & analytics help improve performance. Sales Team can self-assess themselves or appraise team performance by generating comparison reports on targets vs achievements. Our robust system analytics cover date range of sales and performance summary reports across all hierarchy.